Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Woke up from a nap to their voice, and theres my all-time favorite refreshment infront of my eyes. Once again, they bought it for me. They were just a six and nine years old kid, never thought they'll think of me. Maybe it was just a coincidence but i was really touched. This is the second time. Feels guilty for not appreciating them all this time. Even though i'm the eldest doesn't mean i can take advantage and misused my power. Reflect. They're always there without realizing. At this moment, i really need supports from the closest party. But they're far away. Packed schedules but somehow life feels empty without them around. Life feels empty without family. 

Back to the kiddos, i couldn't even dare to scold them now days because we'll be parting again and i'm afraid their presence will lose from my sight forever (but i'm sure time kills and our lives gonna be back as it was). Regrets will haunt me forever. They're precious, my precious.

Thank you (◕〝◕)

Endless Task.

Feels like throwing my phone everytime the message tone rings. 
Feels like closing my eyes forever everytime i went to sleep. 
Feels like going invisible everytime my existance is noticable to the task 
that are looking and calling for me to start working on them. 

They keep coming out of nowhere, without a sign. Couldn't hold myself from sighing eventhough i know i shouldn't. The others are facing much more worse than me.

"People are naturally happier when kept busy."
Eh, really?

It doesn't relate that much but this blog post really motivates me.

I don't even know how did i manage to revive this blog again in this situation honestly. But hey, i'm back.